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Gentle Hair Products

Those that are blessed with long voluminous hair often use gentle hair products that contain natural ingredients. It isn’t unheard of for supermodels to recommend using baby shampoo!

Master Colourist, Theo Bambacas recommends sulphate free products whenever possible for healthier hair: “It’s important to bear in mind that as you age your hair changes texture and becomes more coarse and wiry. Don’t over colour your hair and only touch up your roots when you need to, this will avoid excess fading of your colour or your colour appearing too dark from your original shade. “

“Always use a gentle sulphates free shampoo and conditioner and it’s even better when it’s natural as your hair and scalp will benefit more. I advise Herbatint’s Organic Moringa Shampoo , which contains aloe vera and moringa, and always use a conditioner after shampooing. Remember to not over shampoo your mane as this can make your hair dryer because it strips away the hair’s natural oils.”

If you like to colour your hair invest or ask your hairdresser for a hair colourant which is formulated using the least chemicals as possible with no ammonia, resorcinol or alcohol. Herbatint’s hair colourant range uses less than 2% PPD and hosts 36 shades in their range.

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