Herbatint Royal Cream – Your Summer Essential

Herbatint Royal Cream – Your Summer Essential!

Sunglasses, swimsuits and flip flops: these are must-haves that you can’t forget if you’ve decided to spend your holidays at the beach! But be careful: salt, chlorine and sun exposure can damage your hair a lot!

Follow the tips of our Master Colourist and discover how to create a practical spray to protect and moisturize your hair while enjoying the summer!

1. Prepare your spray bottle!
You can buy it from a shop, or you can re-use one making sure you remove all product residues beforehand.

2. Take some of the Royal Cream and pour it into the spray bottle.
The Herbatint Royal Cream is an intensive regenerating treatment. Protein and vitamin F enrich its unique formula that combines the benefits of aloe vera, jojoba oil and wheat germ extracts!

3. Pour water inside the bottle and shake well before each use!
You can use it before bathing or sunbathing. Use the royal cream spray on your hair whenever you feel the need! Your hair will remain soft and hydrated longer.

4. Extra tip: when the holiday ends, a nice mask begins!
When holiday is over, continue using the Royal Cream as a mask, leaving it for 15 minutes before rinsing.