Find your Perfect Colour

Find Your Perfect Colour

Our Natual range of colours 1N to 10N reflect all natural hair colours of the colour spectrum.

Colours 1N to 8N will achieve 100% grey cover. The paler blonde tones are best for naturally light blond hair.

1N Black

2N Brown

3N Dark Chestnut

4N Chestnut

5N Light Chestnut

6N Dark Blonde

7N Blonde

8N Light Blonde

9N Honey Blonde

10N Platinum Blonde

4D Golden Chesnut

5D Light Golden Chestnut

6D Dark Golden Blonde

7D Golden Blonde

8D Light Golden Blonde

9DR  Copperish Gold

10DR  Light Copperish Gold

4M Mahogany Chestnut

5M Light Mahogany Chestnut

7M Mahogany Blonde

4R Copper Chestnut

5R Light Copper Chestnut

7R Copper Blonde

8R Light Copper Blonde

4C Ash Chestnut

5C Light Ash Chestnut

6C Dark Ash Blonde

7C Ash Blonde

8C Light Ash Blonde

10C Swedish Blonde

FF1 Henna Red

FF2 Crimson Red

FF3 Plum

FF4 Violet

FF5 Sand Blonde

FF6 Orange