Become a Colourherbe Salon

Become a
Colourherbe Salon

We promise that Colourherbe will deliver the range and flexibility of hair colour that will certainly match and probably exceed any other hair colour range.

We promise that Colourherbe will deliver a gentle but very effective permanent hair colour to your hair whether it is pre-coloured, uncoloured or grey, without the aggressive irritating nature of the ammonia-based colour systems.

We promise that colouring hair can be achieved with naturally sourced ingredients and without damaging the natural structure and will impart to your client’s hair a very healthy look and feel.
We promise that the Colourherbe experience, without noxious smells, will deliver ‘a breath of fresh air experience’ for the salon professional and the clients.

We promise that Colourherbe will give your salon a USP that will attract clients from outside your normal catchment area, and that Colourherbe clients become very loyal.

We promise that we will NOT expect you to invest a fortune NOR will we require you to be exclusively Colourherbe

We promise you that you will receive the support you require when you take on Colourherbe.

If you would like to try using Colourherbe, please contact Hannah on 0203 072 1000 or [email protected] and we can send you some information. Please note that we can only sell Colourherbe products to professional hairdressers; individual users should use Herbatint.