What is Colourherbe?

Colourherbe is the professional version of Herbatint, concentrated for hairdressers, with a wider range of shades ready to be mixed to create your perfect shade. Colourherbe is the first organically based permanent hair colour gel with the added benefit of having the capability of covering white hair without the use of ammonia, therefore not damaging the hair structure. Colourherbe has an organic vegetable/herbal base which is gentle in action, both on the hair and scalp. Its formulation from organic ingredients reduces the possibility of irritation to the scalp or damage to the hair structure; in fact, it maintains and in most cases improves the condition of the hair and therefore greatly reduces colour fade, giving longer lasting colour. Colourherbe does not contain animal ingredients, nor has it been tested on animals.

The colours range in number from 1 to 30.

Numbers 1 – 10 are the base shades that can be used by themselves, or mixed with any of the other shades, including the concentrates.

Numbers 11 – 30 can be used independently to add tones, or with a base shade to cover white or grey hair.