Find your perfect colour – Vegetal

Find Your Perfect Colour

No need to be an expert. You can choose your shade among the eight that are ready-to-use, already mixed and balanced, to offer you an intense results which adapts to your natural hair

100% Organic

RT01 Moon Light

RT02 Hot Chocolate

RT03 Warm Chestnut

RT04 Pure Caramel

RT05 Henna Love

RT06 Cherry Red

RT07 Honey Blonde

RT08 Neutral Cassia

Vegetal is free from all chemicals – it is 100% certified natural and organic and is vegan and gluten-free. It has no ammonia, DPD, artificial fragrance, parabens, resorcinol or silicon – just 100% nature.

Vegetal is suitable for anyone who would like to colour or nourish their hair – the range includes Neutral Cassia, which gives no colour but conditions your natural hair, as well as seven other shades. It is aimed at people who would like a hair dye product which is 100% organic and does not come with disposable accessories, who are concerned about sustainability and their impact on the environment. However, it can be used by anyone looking for a hair dye.

Vegetal does not include any chemicals traditionally found in hair dye, but it still works! It is made exclusively with high quality dyeing and Ayurvedic plants responsibly grown in India without pesticides or fertiliser. It doesn’t contain disposable accessories, avoiding unnecessary use of plastic. All instructions are printed on the inside of the box and everything needed can be easily found around the house. The box is made from totally recyclable uncoated paper, and 1% of Vegetal sales are donated to environmental non-profit organisations.

Please be aware that Henna Love is the only Vegetal shade that will cover grey hair. You are still able to use any shade if you have grey hair – however, you will need to use the two-step process:

First, apply Henna Love, following all the instructions printed on the inside of the packaging.

When this is complete, start again with your chosen Vegetal shade, again following all the instructions.

Once you are finished, you will have the desired shade and no greys!


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